rocking the ship planet
rocking the ship planet
rocking the ship planet
rocking the ship planet
rocking the ship planet
What is rocking the ship?

To disrupt, or be disrupted, that is the question...

Rocking the Ship is a system for intelligently challenging the status quo. Creating and implementing ground breaking new business models is essential to shaping the future of your industry.

A few of our clients...

The Book

The Book

There has never been a better time to take control and innovate your way into the future. Rocking the Ship is a step-by-step handbook that enables you to create and implement ground breaking innovations.

With this book you will…

  • Understand why your company struggles to create business innovations
  • Learn how to develop disruptive business models systematically
  • Attain intellectual leadership by virtually and playfully attacking your own industry
  • Create momentum by also turning fellow managers into business model mavericks
  • Find ways for implementing new business models in conjunction with your current business

Rocking the Ship empowers all managers, regardless of rank, function, or industry, to be bolder and faster than current or would-be competitors. The system is easy to learn and apply. Thereby it presents a compelling alternative to running lengthy and expensive consulting assignments.

In the end, you’re only one business model away…

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What readers are saying...

A 'must read' for any manager, business owner or entrepreneur who needs to analyse competitors and disrupt operating markets for their business’s growth and survival. - STEPHEN PASCALL, DIRECTOR MANAGEMENT.COMMERCIAL.ENGINEERING PTY LTD
Rocking the Ship brings business innovation to a new level. It follows the Design Thinking philosophy and the Nightmare Competitor approach provides a great twist. I pay tribute to these two guys. - OLIVER SCHMID, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR GLOBAL OPERATIONS FROG DESIGN
The difference between managers and leaders has widely been discussed. Rocking the Ship is for those who want to be leaders. I do not know any other business book providing more support and inspiration for those determined to define the future of their industries. - DR. HEIKO WOLTERS, PARTNER EGON ZEHNDER
An entertaining and inspiring reading for anybody dealing with strategy and business transformation if you are really ready to question the status quo! Provides a very helpful framework to structure necessary paranoia into actionable insight. - MARK THOMÄ, SVP MARKETING & SALES, DEKRA SE

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